Upcoming Events

An Occupying Force: A Public Forum

Know Your Rights / Know Your Power

Social Justice Practice Series – Identity, Power & Oppression

Vigil for Chickens!

Vigil for Chickens

Protest McDonald’s Cruelty

Write Postcards For Nationwide Blue Races!

West Suburban April Activist Hour (4)!

May Day Bbq and Fundraiser

Latinas and their Role in the MeToo Movement

Standing Silent Witness

Standing in Solidarity With Honduras

College of Complexes Upcoming Program

Handmaids #EndTheLies

Organizing Meeting: Removing Chicago’s Confederate Monument

Seed Ball Workshop

Community Bonding (& Vegan Dessert)!


Phone Bank for Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

The Libertarian Party of Chicago Monthly Meeting

Wolf For Congress

Chicago May Day 2018

The Libertarian Party of Chicago Monthly Meeting

Contact Your Representative about Climate Change

I Heart Community

BYP 100 Durham Chapter Orientation

Project brainstorm and planning

Anti-Racism Working Group Meeting

RevUp Institute Spring 2018

Solidarity Economy 101

PETA Protest Chicagoland and Chicago Carden Super Spectacular Circus

Chicago 350 Monthly Meeting

College of Complexes Upcoming Program

Divestment Monthly Meeting

350 Info Session for New Members

Cube of Truth: Chicago, IL: May 5th

The 420 Cannabis Social

Rally Against Slaughter

The Libertarian Party of Chicago Monthly Meeting

City of Chicago Deputy Voter Registrar Training 5.7.18

Organizing Meeting for Refuse Fascism Chicago

Rogers Park People’s Ward Night for Community Benefits

Wolf For Congress

Queer Socialist Working Group

Women’s Entrepreneurship Roundtable: Protecting Health Gains

Health Care Working Group Meeting

Bystander CPR / AED Training Session

Drop the I Word Fundraiser

Unfinished Business: 1968-2018

Get inspired and strategize to build support for Carbon Fee & Dividend

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