ACA Open Enrollment 11/1-12/15/17: Spread the Word

2018 ACA Open Enrollment Begins November 1, 2017

Enrollment ends December 15, 2017

Obamacare Marketing Budget Slashed

Department of Health and Human Services announced massive cuts to Affordable Care Act marketing. Advertising will be cut from $100 million (2017 sign-ups) to $10 million for 2018. Grants to roughly 100 nonprofits, or “navigators,” that help people enroll in health plans offered by the insurance marketplaces will be cut from $63 million to $36 million.

Help by spreading the word that ACA enrollment will last only 6 weeks this year. Enrollment takes place at

Red Alert on Healthcare Legislation via Cassidy-Graham Bill

Directly from FamiliesUSA, a leader in the healthcare fight. 

The Cassidy-Graham Bill has three main elements. 

A new block grant that would slash federal funding currently slated for Medicaid expansion and for financial assistance with marketplace coverage. After making huge cuts, the block grant would entirely end after 2026, leaving millions stranded without any federal help.

Large Medicaid cutbacks like those in health care repeal proposals already rejected by the Senate on a bipartisan basis. The underlying Medicaid program would be cut and restructured, posing serious risks to seniors, children with special health care needs, and others among the more than 70 million Americans who get their health coverage through Medicaid.3

Elimination of consumer safeguards̶̶–a step similarly copied from health care repeal proposals already rejected by Senators from both parties. State waivers would effectively end important national standards for private coverage, taking away essential benefits from people with preexisting conditions.Vox also breaks it down, and cites a handful of plan variations floating around. 

One thing’s for sure. This plan won’t end well. Stay alert, as we’re gearing up for another healthcare fight in the coming weeks.

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