Day of Marxism Classes: Shut Down Capitalism!

Time: Saturday, December 16, 2017 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Interested in Socialism, Marxism and/or Revolution? Then join us for a workshop and discussion-based day of Marxism classes on December 16 in Chicago

1 pm

** 1:30 pm Opening **
Capitalism in Crisis, Revolution and the Revival of Marxism

** 2 pm Class **
Marxism 101: Understanding Power, Bringing the Whole System Down

** 3:45 pm Discussion **
Scientific Socialism and the History Changing Contributions of Lenin: 1) The Struggles Against Racism, Imperialism, Sexism, Bigotry & Climate Catastrophe; 2) Socialist Strategy & Tactics

5 pm
Dinner & Drinks

$5 – $10 registration. No experience necessary. The classes will be geared to people of all different levels of understanding of Marxist theory and practice.

Dinner and Drinks after the classes for a small donation. We will also have refreshments and light snacks.

Chicago Activists | November 27, 17