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  • Laura

    Rats in Chicago gardens
    There has been a growing rat problem I foresaw with more community garden
    Rats by food is illegal that is criminal negligence period
    I even have organic solutions to this problem but sadly have been intimidated locked up slandered and humiliated for it
    Please be aware of Gingko organic garden on Kenmore that likes to believe giving rat feces saturated food to a food bank for people with aids regardless of how disguising it is is ok When i stopped regularly volunteering due to the rude attitude and untrained staff and just would tend to the front that’s a public garden I was disgusted there are crack pipes heroin needles and rat feces constantly. They just would not stop not deal with it and then displaced blame to me by choosing to have me locked in a psych ward by sadly calling the police after I even paid for the supplies for an organic solution
    This is a good law it makes sense rats =no food period< SO I tied myself to a bench exercise my first amendment rights to peaceful protest. I was taken by police and forced to a psych ward as they said to the cops they would not have me arrested but felt pity for me so they forced this upon me
    Rats are bad for food that not being a Nazi bitch its just a scientific fact
    I warned these cruel trolls over and over gave them ample time to deal with the rats and was video taped crying and was laughed at for tying my self to a bench
    PLEASE be warned about these irresponsible criminally negligent petty fools posing as real activists!!!!!!!
    Ivy Chesanski is a total fraud irresponsible cruel untrained in gardening, as every new way to increase the ways to use the new greenhouse a grant payed for she would say she must personally take classes
    I would tell her about colleague after colleague and her answer well she must take classes
    the only ones suffering from their delusions are people with aids
    Just the most irresponsible behavior I ever has the frustration of dealing with in my decades of experience in horticulture and floristry!!!! How anyone could out their own glory of gardening "for aids" ahead of the law, common sense, professionalism and compassion is beyond me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Were this a real job not volunteer work they would be fired and in jail most likely

Chicago Activists | March 16, 16